The 3D aggregate widget allows you to plot two data channels on the chart for a detailed visualization of your activity across customizable time periods. The graph can be rotated on a 3D plane; simply hold down your mouse over the graph and move your mouse around to adjust the orientation. 

The purpose of this chart is to show how these metrics change over time. Comparing cadence and power on this graph will give you an idea of both what your average rpm was in this power range, but also if this changed over time - e.g. if your pedaling was slower or faster in the second half of the ride for the same power range. You can adjust this graph for other metrics in order to visualize other changes, such as the effects of temperature or altitude on your power or heart rate. 

Click on the 'cog' icon  to set your preferences.

  • Follow zoom: If you zoom in on a selection of the activity graph, an additional row will be added onto the chart
  • Show intervals: Uses the intervals or laps from the activity for each row instead of the time window size.
  • Show averages: Will display the average value for the data channel on the Y-axis for each time period or interval

Below these options you're able to configure the data channels and axis ranges.

  • X/Y Axis: Choose the metrics to use on the x- and y-axes.
  • Range: Set the upper and lower limits of the axes. 
  • Bucket size: Choose the bucket size for the x-axis, i.e. how large of a range for each bar on the graph. 
  • Time Window: Set the number of minutes used for the time groupings. 
  • Min sample size: Set the minimum number of samples to be included on the graph.