Use the drag and drop file uploader to import any activity files to your Stages Link calendar. Stages Link accepts uploads from the following file types: .fit .ant .gpx .act .tcx .srm .pwx .json .bdx .csv .gz and .rde .

Features and options for the activity uploader:

  • Manually select files: This option allows you to manually browse your computer for files instead of drag and drop.
  • Enter activity data manually: This option allows you to manually enter activity data for an activity you do not have a file for. Entering in the length, estimated t-score, or estimate pace will allow this activity to count towards your training calendar. 
  • Auto detect sport type: Checking this option will automatically upload files that you drag in and use the sport type found within the activity file. If your activity files do not include the sport type, you should leave this unchecked and manually select the sport for your file. 

From the file uploader window, you can also:

  • Pending/errors: Upload a file and it didn't process? Check here to see why. Files here will stay in the queue, so there's no need to reupload. From here, you can retry, delete, or download the file to try it elsewhere.
  • Import from TrainingPeaks: To import your history from Training Peaks, follow the instructions here.
  • Push: Check the status of files pushing to another service. If one of your uploads has not made it to an outgoing service (such as Strava or Ride with GPS), check here for errors and to retry the file.