The Performance dashboard page provides a blank slate for viewing training data, with various widgets available to view various training metrics, such as peak power curve, load and performance, training time, etc. Below we've outlined some basic instructions on how to modify this page to best reflect what you'd like to see. 

Add a new panel

  • To add a panel to the page, click on the cog icon  in the upper right corner and choose Add Panel
  • A list of available graphs and widgets will be shown, with any items you already have on the dashboard removed

Re-arrange and re-size your graphs and widgets

  • To move items around on your dashboard, hover over the top of the panel until the move icon appears and drag the item around the dashboard
  • To re-size an individual item, hover over the bottom right corner and use the resize iconto drag and re-size each panel

Individual Graph Options

  • To see additional customization options, hover over the graph and click the graph icon  
  • Customization options will vary based on each type of graph
  • To allow for multiple versions of the graph, use the menu icon  and select +Add Tab 

Change time duration

  • To set the time duration for your current dashboard page, use the drop down menu on the upper right corner of the dashboard
  • To change an individual graph or widget, hover over the individual panel and use the menu button in the top right corner and turn on Custom Filters
    - Note: Panels that include custom filters will not be updated if you change the time duration for the entire page

Add another dashboard page

  • For items you may not need to see on a daily basis, additional dashboards can be made within the same page
  • To add a new item, click the menu icon  on the top right and choose + Add