You can use the Stages Cycling app to record an indoor ride using the Stages Power meter on your bike. 

  1. Before you begin your ride, connect your Stages Power meter and (if applicable) Bluetooth heart rate sensor. Open the Stages Cycling app and go to the Devices page. Then select the Add Device icon.  Stages Cycling app Devices page with Add Device outlined
  2. Select Stages Power meter from the options and the app will begin to search for your power meter's signal. Connect to just the left meter only for Stages Dual-sided Power meters. If the signal does not populate right away, spin your crankarms a few times and select retry. Once you see your power meter's signal, select it to begin pairing and then select Done once prompted. Stages Cycling app with two power meter signals with one outlined
  3. Once paired, your Stages Power meter will show a green link icon on the Device manager page in the right-hand corner. Connected power meter in Stages Cycling app
  4. Exit out of the Device manager page and select the Ride icon.Devices page in the Stages Cycling app with the play button outlined
  5. Begin to ride your bike on your indoor riding set up and metrics will populate. You will see the metrics power, cadence, estimated speed, BPM (if connected to a heart rate monitor), and Left-Right balance (if connected to a Stages Dual-sided Power meter or StagesBike). Once you begin your ride, select the green Start button when you want to begin recording. Once you begin to record, the metrics estimated distance, ride time, and kCal will populate.Ride screen in the Stages Cycling app with the start button outlined
  6. You can pause your ride by hitting the Pause button. To end your ride, select the red Stop button.Ride screen in the Stages Cycling app with the Stop button outlined
  7. You can add a title and description for your ride and choose which platforms it is uploaded to when finished. See Connecting 3rd party apps to Stages Cycling app to learn more about connecting the Stages Cycling app with other external platforms.Upload ride screen in the Stages Cycling app