The Stages Cycling app allows you to connect to your favorite Stages devices, record rides, view activities, edit profiles, and change device settings. There are four key areas within the app: Home, Ride, Devices, and Profile. 



Stages Cycling app Home page

Selecting the Home icon takes you to the home page where you access the Calendar, Summary, and Fitness tabs. 

  • From the Calendar, view your past and upcoming activities, uploads, and log manual activities. Select the activity on the Calendar to view the ride metrics and information such as the ride Summary, Workout Steps, Zones, Peaks, and the Graph.Stages Cycling app ride summary

  • Tap on the Summary tab to view your favorite ride metrics from all your activities that you have done in a given time period. Adjust this page to display the metrics you want to view and change the given time period for the metrics displayed.Stages Cycling app summary page

  • Tap the Fitness tab to display your Fitness summary graph and Fitness (CTL), Form (ATL), and Fatigue (TSB) training metrics.
    Note: Fitness metrics are only available for Stages Cycling app Advanced Analytics users or Stages Link premium users (who have connected their accounts in the Connections section).
    Stages Cycling app fitness page


Stages Cycling app Ride page with Ride icon outlined

Select the Ride icon to bring up the record ride page. Connect your Stages devices such as a Stages Power meter or StagesBike to begin recording a ride. Connect a heart rate monitor to see heart rate metrics. Record a ride and view the given metrics in real-time. For indoor rides only. 


Stages Cycling app Device page with Stages Dash Linked and Device icon outlined

Select the Devices icon to access your Devices page to add new Stages devices such as power meters, Stages Dash M50/L50/M200/L200, StagesBike, and heart rate monitors. Connected devices will show a green link icon. Select a connected device to access the device's manager tab.  


Stages Cycling app Profile page with Profile icon outlined

Select the Profile icon to access your Profile page. Edit settings such as language and units as well as user metrics. Access the Connections, Zones, and Notifications tabs

  • The Connections tab displays all the third-party extensions connected with your Stages Cycling app. Share your ride data on multiple different platforms and even import courses and workouts from external ones.
  • Connecting 3rd party apps to Stages Cycling app Stages Cycling app Profile page on the connections tab

  • Use the Zones tab to set and edit your power and heart rate thresholds and also change the color of each zone. Stages Cycling app Profile page on the Zones tab
  • Select the three dots icon in the upper right to log out of your account or view general information about the Stages Cycling app by tapping About.