If your CTL is wrong due to missing training data of any kind, you can manually adjust it by adding a CTL check point to your calendar. Click on the day you would like an add an adjusted value and click the + icon in the lower right corner. From Add/Edit CTL checkpoint, you can select a sport and input your CTL value for the day.  If you have completed recent activities, you may want to add this point to a day before your recent activities in order to best include them in the calculation. 

Note: To input a CTL point at the start of your account/training (i.e. if you have previously trained, but are just now beginning an account to collect data), you can do so within your account settings by selecting your name in the upper right corner > Thresholds/Zones : Initial CTL. The number saved here will be the starting point for your CTL calculation from the initial point of uploading activity files containing HR or power.