The single page activity view allows you to configure a page to view all of your activity data from one single page. Use this page to set up a range of items, from activity map, elevation profile, interval table, and many other options. You can have as many or as few panels in this view, with the option to size and arrange them as you see fit. The only item that cannot be removed is the activity graph. 

Activity Graph

For help configuring the activity graph, see How do I use the activity graph?

Customizing Panels

Similar to the performance dashboard, the Activity Detail page is fully customizable by adding and removing panels, resizing, or changing widget types. 

  • Create a new panel: Click the + button below the graph to add additional panels to your activity detail page.
  • Resize: To resize a panel, mouse over the panel and drag the diagonal arrow in the lower right corner.
  • Configure: Click the settings icon in the upper right corner for each panel.
  • Change/Add/Remove: Click the menu button in the upper right corner to change the widget type, remove, or add a tab to the panel. 

Learn More About Widgets

Most widgets have a range of customization options. Click the cog icon on each panel to see the configuration options. Check the help section for each widget to learn more.