The average power by heart rate graph is an excellent way to provide insight into your training and fitness level. This graph is best used to compare data from multiple time periods


  • Click the widget menu to turn on custom filters. 
  • Use the time duration drop down to select "Custom" to add multiple time periods. 
    • To use multiple custom durations, you will need to build your own custom time periods. Custom time periods can reflect your own definition of a "Season" or specific training phases, such as a build phase before a major race.
    • Click "Add new custom period" to add your durations. All custom periods will be saved into your account so you can re-use these durations for other charts.
  • Some possible time periods you could compare in order to use this chart: 
    • Select a corresponding training phase (i.e Build phase) from this year and last year
    • Select an equivalent period of time leading into two A-races
    • Select multiple years (i.e 2017 vs 2016) to view your year-on-year progression
  • This graph will work best if you are consistently using your HR strap, as the more samples you have containing both HR and power will increase the accuracy of this graph. 

Reading the Graph

Once you've set up your graph, drag your cursor across each heart rate value to view your power at each BPM value. Your best value will be highlighted in red and other time durations will be represented with a % of best. If the line for a given time period is higher, this means you are putting out more power at a lower heart rate on average. This typically means your fitness has improved, as you are more efficient while putting out this power. 

On most graphs, particularly among athletes performing short/high intensity workouts, you will notice the graph becomes a erratic at high HR values. This is due to a range of factors, particularly the delayed response of HR and short duration of efforts, leading to a higher variability of power readings that correspond with these higher HR values.  If you'd like to remove these values from the view, you can isolate the range of HR shown on the chart by clicking on the chart configuration icon  in the upper right of the chart. From this menu, you can also swap your values for W/kg values instead of watts.