The Scatter serves the purpose of identifying correlations between two variables and then provides insights into how controlling one variable, may allow us to predict the result of another. The dashboard Scatter graph helps us to identify trends from the average values within our activities and use this information to guide training interventions.

How can I use the Scatter?

When looking at a Scatter you want to look for 'groupings' or 'trends'. A 'grouping' in practice may appear if looking at a Peak Power plotted against TSB. You may find that your Peak 60-min power may be highest at a TSB around +5 to +8. This provides you an actionable insight for guiding the lead up into events that demand performance of approximately 60-min.

How do I customize the Scatter graph?

  • Click the menu in the upper right to enable custom time periods.
  • Choose a custom time period or select multiple time periods for your graph from the time drop down. 
  • Choose your x and y axes by clicking the graph icon in the upper right.