The Peak Power Curve widget allows you to display your best power output values in watts or watts per kg. Within your dashboard, this gives you an opportunity to compare your current bests (based on a chosen time period, such the last 3 or 6 months) with your historic bests, as well as to choose year over year data to compare seasons. On your power curve, mouse over each duration to see your values in watts or W/kg. You can also choose to display these values on traditional line graph (the power curve) or view the values as a table. 

Chart Configuration

  • Peak power curve: Traditional line graph showing your best power values in watts.
  • Peak W/kg curve: The same graph, but with values adjusted for body weight (as a ratio of watts/kilogram).
  • Peak power table:  Shows your best power values in table columns, with a row for each time duration selected. 
  • Peak W/kg table: Same as above, but with values adjusted for body weight (as a ratio of watts/kilogram).

Custom Filters

To enable a custom time duration or add multiple time durations to your peak power graph, click the widget menu and toggle on custom filters. From there, the date drop down will appear. Select custom to select multiple time periods or create your own custom time periods. 

Peak Power Table

On the Peak Power table, you can also choose to toggle on multiple items in order to include W/kg, peak %, and other values to the table. This allows you to not have to choose between either peak power or peak W/kg, as well as more easily compare your seasonal values with your best ever achievements (as a % of best ever).  Within the table, you may click any value to go to the activity where this peak was achieved. From there, the time period will be highlighted on the analysis graph.