The Performance Dashboard panels can be completely customized using your preferred selection of widgets and graphs, allowing you to display as much or as little training data as you would like. To get started customizing your Dashboard, you will want to add or change items on the Dashboard.  

The widget picker can be accessed in two ways: 

  • To add a new panel, click the + button in the upper right corner of the Dashboard.
  • To change an existing panel, click the panel menu in the upper right corner of the panel and select Change widget.

When selecting a widget, you can browse by category, complexity, or search.  Some items on the Dashboard are available only for premium members, which are indicated by the crown icon. 

Widget Categories: 

  • Summary
  • Performance tracking
  • Peaks/curves
  • Training mix

For help on each individual widget, click the arrow on the left side to access more information.