The Time in Zones widget is a visual display of your time spent at each intensity level or zone throughout a time period. From the widget, you can select a time period for the display and a sport, then adjust the chart to your preferred zones for your sport, such as power or HR based zones. To easily switch between metrics or time periods, you may add tabs to the widget and customize each tab separately. 

To customize the chart, click the graph settings icon in the upper right. From here you can:

  • Select the type of zones to appear. This list will be updated based on chosen sport, so pick your sport first. 
  • Choose between percentage or training time for the y axis. 
  • Choose the grouping type.

Use the zoom arrows to adjust the time buckets on the x-axis. This can be helpful when viewing a shorter or longer time duration, as the x-axis can show day, week, month, or year sized buckets of data.