The activity summary page is a customizable snapshot of your activity, including various metrics, workout description,, map, and elevation profile information. The activity summary is also where you can add your own ratings and notes about your workout after the fact.  From this page, you can also click through the tabs to see other ride details, such as the interval table or time in zones, or click to the full activity analysis page. 

Key Features:

  • Status Bar: Activity buttons on the top menu include Bookmark, File review status, Workout type, Equipment Type, Wellness Ratings, RPE, and Ride Title drop down. Click the ride title drop down for additional options.

  • Training Load: On the upper right of the activity summary, a snapshot of your training load metrics (CTL/ATL/TSB) will be shown. Mouse over each value to view the description.
  • Edit Menu: Activity summary menu allows you to edit associated workout data or edit ride summary data, if information is missing or incomplete. If the activity is incorrectly associated with a workout, you can unassociate here.
  • Summary Tabs: Click through the tabs to view additional details, such as interval summary, peak power or pace curve, time in zone (HR or Power), training load, or full activity analysis panel. 

  • Summary Table (custom): The summary table in the upper left is a customizable table to display the training metrics you'd like to see for each activity. When combined with a scheduled workout or activity, it will also show scheduled totals compared to completed totals to see how accurately you completed your workout. Click the cog in the upper right corner to add, remove, or re-order the metrics on your summary table.

  • Channel summary: The lower summary table is based on available metrics in the activity data and will automatically adjust to include  Min/Max/Avg values for available data channels in your activity file.