The Scatter serves the purpose of identifying correlations between two variables and then provides insights into how controlling one variable, may allow us to predict the result of another. 

The graph allows you to overlay any two metrics across your activity and see trends based on the groupings of the scatter points. By comparing power and cadence on a best ever performance, you may learn at what cadence you are most efficient. Similar trends can be used in comparing various metrics to heart rate, such as cadence (rpm) or strides per minute (spm). By establishing trends, you can pinpoint where your efficiency lies, as well as which areas to improve. 

Click the cog icon  to configure additional options on the graph: 

  • Follow mouse: Dragging your mouse across the activity graph will highlight individual points in the scatter graph. 
  • Follow zoom: Zooming in on the Activity graph will draw a new distribution overlaid above your graph. 
  • Show intervals: Draws a new distribution for all selected intervals.
    Note: Intervals must be selected on the interval drop down on the ride graph to be displayed separately on this graph. 
  • Show peaks: Draws a new distribution for any selected peaks on the activity graph. 
  • Choose X and Y axes: Select available metrics from your activity to graph on the scatter graph.