The distribution chart allows you to view a single ride distribution of any available data channel as a % of total training time or by the number of data points.

Click the cog icon   in the top right of the panel to customize the graph.

  • Follow zoom: Zooming in on the Activity graph will draw a new distribution overlaid above your graph. 
  • Show intervals: Draws a new distribution for all selected intervals.
    Note: Intervals must be selected on the interval drop down on the ride graph to be displayed separately on this graph. 
  • Show peaks: Draws a new distribution for any selected peaks on the activity graph. 
  • Choose X-axis:  Choose the data you're interested in based on available data channels
  • Only display: Adjusts the range of the displayed metric on the x-axis. 
  • Only index: Adjusts the range of values included in the % of time calculation, i.e. limiting this value will recalculate percentages to only include values in the ride that are within that window. 
  • Bin size: Adjusts the bucket size for the x axis, i.e. lower bucket size = more points on the graph. 
  • Type: Select either line, area, or column graph. 
  • Display: View the graph as a % of ride time or number of data points.