The 3D distribution graph allows you to visualize how certain data points are distributed throughout your activity. The graph will plot a range of values from your chosen metric across the x axis and show what percentage those points make up of your activity. Additionally, the data is split up into time windows to show where in the ride these data points are collected. You may hover your mouse over the graph to see the percentages and how they are represented across the time windows. 

Click the cog icon  to configure the graph. 

  • Follow Zoom:  If you zoom in on a selection of the activity graph, an additional row will be added onto the chart. 
  • Show Intervals: Uses the intervals or laps from the activity for each row instead of the time window size.
  • X-axis: Choose the metrics to use on the x- and y-axis.
  • Range: Set the upper and lower limits of the axes. 
  • Bucket size: Choose the bucket size for the x-axis, i.e. how large of a range for each bar on the graph. 
  • Time Window: Set the number of minutes used for the time groupings.