The peak power graph shows the best average power values achieved in your activity across many time durations, such as 3 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes, etc. Additionally, you can choose a time duration to display your personal best average power values for all rides in the chosen duration. This second power curve allows you to compare your current activity to your previous bests, in order to see how your effort compared to previous bests. Drag your mouse across the power curve to view each 

To configure the graph or table, click the cog icon  in the upper right corner of the graph.

  • Time period: Select a time duration for your secondary power curve. 
  • Choose from a peak power curve or peak power table. 

Peak Power Curve

Within the activity page, the Peak Power curve can provide a great insight into the level of effort by highlighting durations where your performed at, above, or near your best ever performance. The graph can be customized to show your bests from various time durations, 

Peak Power Table

The peak power table shows the same data as the power curve, broken down into an easy to read table format.  Click the cog icon to configure the options for the table.

  • Time Period: Choose a time period to compare your values from the current activity (i.e. 6 months will show your values as % of best in the last 6 months). 
  • Custom Time Periods:  To compare your activity to other time periods, click the drop down and select Custom to add on specific periods. Use the dropper down in the upper left to adjust the time period used for the % of best calculation. 

  • Additional line options: Click the secondary menu to toggle on additional lines on the table.