When creating a structured workout, you will build individual intervals that make up the entirety of the workout. With each interval, a number of details can be added to help you or your athlete best complete the workout.

Name: Interval name, such as Warm up or Sprint effort

RPE: Target rate of perceived exertion.

Description: A short text description that best describes how the interval should be carried out. 

Reps vs Rep Cycles: Intervals can contain a set number of effort/rest cycles. A rep cycle contains a prescribed distance to be completed in a certain time, leaving the remaining time for rest and restarting as soon as the rep cycle duration completes.  

Interval effort prescriptions: 

  • Volume: Time or distance for the interval
  • Cadence: Target cadence, if applicable
  • Intensity: Target zones for power, heart rate, or pace (based on threshold pace)
  • Rest: Rest duration or distance
  • Increments: Optional incremental increase to this interval, i.e. add 1 minute to effort every 2 weeks

Note on estimated targets: When building a workout, estimated power, heart rate, and pace values will be filled in based on the sample thresholds. Since workouts as saved into a library separate from your current threshold settings, use the sample threshold inputs above the interval table to update the estimated data while building intervals.