Use the courses sidebar to search previously created or imported courses, drag courses onto your calendar, and create or import new courses. Similar to workouts, courses can be sorted by equipment or viewed as a list, as well as narrowed down by distance, total ascent, equipment, or searching fields (name, tags, locality, or source). 

To add a new course to the list, click Create course at the bottom of the page and select an option. Courses can also be imported from .GPX and .FIT files and adjusted using the courses builder. For help building courses, see Using the Course Builder

To ride a course, you must first sync it to your compatible GPS device. 

  • Stages Dash: Courses can be added via using the Stages Link app or Stages Sync. Courses on your calendar or in your favorites section will sync automatically. Other courses can be synced from your library within the Stages Link app under Device Manager >Stages Dash > Courses > Stages Link. Select a course and it will be synced next time your Dash is connected to the app. 
  • Garmin devices: View the route and click the export icon and download the route as a GPX. Plug in your device via USB and place the GPX file on the NewFiles directory of your Garmin device to load the course. 
  • Other devices: View the route and click the export icon and download the route as a GPX. See manufacturers instructions for how to manually load a GPX course onto your device.