The Power Meter zero offset graph displays a record of the zero offset values from your power meter. Use this graph to help monitor these values over time and track any major changes or shifts that might indicate a bad value (which can offset all of your power values during a training ride) or may indicate a problem with your power meter. These values are logged by some head units (such as the Stages Dash) within your activity files and if not, can be logged manually by you within your account under Your Name > Account > Power > Edit power meter

  • We recommend performing a zero offset on your power meter before every ride in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy.  
  • If you do not have any values on this graph, we suggest periodically manually logging your zero offset values. Stages Link will provide regular reminders when a new zero offset value has not been logged for over 2 weeks. 
  • Note that zero offset values shift based on temperature, so you can expect seasonal drifts up and down based on riding conditions, which does not indicate a problem.

How to read the graph

The zero offset graph shows the offset values over time. If only one value is recorded per time period, then only one line will appear on the graph. If multiple values are recorded, they are separated into min, max, and average values to show the range of values that are logged. Hover your mouse over values on the graph to see the exact value and in what time period they were recorded. Each item on the graph is labeled below the graph and clicking the name of each item will toggle it on or off.