Within the Dash manager tab, you are able to fully set up and preview your ride pages within the website before syncing them to your device. 

Here you can: 

  • Select a field in the page layout grid
  • Update the width and height to your liking
  • Set the display metric
  • Choose an operation/totaling and span setting for the metric

To access the page layout menu:

  1. Connect your Dash to your Stages Link account by syncing it via the Stages Sync application or the Stages Link app
  2. Click on the Dash tab on Stages Link
  3. Select the Activity Profile that contains the pages you'd like to edit
  4. Select the edit icon on the page you'd like to update
  5. Once you've made the desired changes, click Save
  6. Sync the Dash via Stages Sync or the Stages Link app to use your newly configured ride pages

Page layouts are build on a grid, which varies depending on the model of Dash and orientation (portrait or landscape). Note that certain metrics, however, are not available in all sizes and may require a larger amount of space on the display. 

See also: Orientation