The original Dash and the Dash L10 record data into the .rde (Stages Ride Filefile format, which allows it to log more data than other bike computers. Since this format is designed to be used with Stages Link and may not work with all other third party sites, an option is included to convert all files to the .fit format in Stages Sync. A Stages Link account is not required to utilize the .fit export feature in Stages Sync.

The Stages Dash L10 is also able to export files by converting them on the device. To automatically convert activity files on your Dash L10, go to Main Menu > Settings > .Fit Export > Enabled. Note that this will result in a delay in saving your files while they are converted to the new format. Converted files will remain in the fit directory of the device's file system. 

REMINDER: Stages Link provides data brokering services, which allows the automatic uploading of rides to supported 3rd party sites. By setting up a connection in your Stages Link account, you can bypass the need to convert your files. 

To export files into .fit using Stages Sync:

  1. Use the provided USB 2.0 cord to plug the Dash into a USB 2.0 port on your computer.
  2. Download and launch the Stages Sync application.
  3.  Select "I just want to export .fit files"
    - If you have previously used Sync, click File > Log out
  4. As needed, accept and add your Dash device to Sync
  5. Select a directory on your device as a location for exported .fit files
  6. Toggle Manual or Auto file export in the lower left corner to choose whether to export all files or choose which files you want to export into .fit
    - To export an individual file, right click on the file name
    - Sync will only show rides which have not yet been uploaded. To show previously uploaded or exported files, select Settings > Show all files on device