The Messages page serves as an inbox for all automated system alerts. System alerts contain a wide variety of notices that help you better manage your account by notifying you of any potential issues with your data when you upload a ride. 

Example alerts:

  • Head unit threshold mismatch: This message will be used to alert you that the threshold value programmed into your head unit does not match the threshold on your Stages Link account. Since the threshold value is important to perform workouts at intended targets, we recommend adjusting your head unit settings to save your most recent threshold value. 
  • New threshold recorded: If you achieve a new 20 minute power or HR value that exceeds that which is saved in your account, an alert will be triggered which gives you the option of applying this new value to your account. 
  • Zero offset required: This message is a reminder to update the zero offset calibration value from your power meter in order to ensure accuracy. This value can be entered in for each power meter under My Account > Power.
  • Firmware/software out of date: If the firmware version for your power meter or other device appears to be out of date, the system will prompt a reminder for you to perform a firmware or software update on your device
  • Battery Alert: If the reported battery voltage for one of your sensors appears to be low, an alert will be triggered to remind you to change the battery on your device.
  • Discarded values alert: If values are discarded from your power, heart rate, or cadence readings based on your discard settings, an alert will be triggered to notify you of these changes so that you can evaluate if there are any issues with your sensor or head unit. 

Alerts can also be acknowledged by clicking the eye icon  to mark the message as read from either the Messages page or on the activity view.