The Events page is where you can see all events you've added to your calendar, update the details on each event, and delete events that you will not be participating in.

Key features:

  • Add an event: Click the + icon to add your own event
  • Find an event: Use the folder icon to search for events in our events database. If you'd like an event added to our list, send us an email with a link to the event flyer
  • Summary: Click the event name to view a summary of the event
  • Edit: Use the edit icon on the right to edit event details
  • Delete: Use the trash can icon to remove the event from your account

Note: If you plan on building a training plan around an event, you may need to remove the event here and then return to My Plans to build the event around this event. When building the plan, the event will be reentered into your calendar.