The Activities/Files section is where you can see and search for all uploaded data files. By default, files from the last 3 months will be listed here, but by using the search function, the range can be expanded or narrowed down to find specific files from your upload history.

Key Features: 

  • Search: To search for files, click the search icon in the upper right.

  • Single file actions: Click the drop down menu next to each ride for a full menu list of options for each ride, including editing ride summary, download the original file, or deleting the file.
  • Select multiple files: From this page, you can also execute bulk actions on files by clicking the check boxes next to the desired files and using the buttons below
    - Edit: Allows you to update the name, activity type, or equipment used on all selected files- Reprocess: Allows you to update and reproccess the ride summary values for selected files. Use this option for repairing files with a bad weight or threshold value or to bulk remove a set of values from rides, such as removing all heart rate or power data
    - Delete: Removes all selected files from your calendar
  • Customize: Use the buttons on the top right of the page to customize the table of values shown for all rides, download a summary of what appears on this page ("Download (CSV)"), or toggle the formatting.