If you are using a power meter to complete your training with Stages Link, you may periodically receive a notice asking you to perform a zero reset on your power meter. The process may vary slightly, but should be fairly easy to perform on your head unit.

  • For Garmin head units, the Zero Reset process is referred to as "Calibration" and can be completed by going to the power meter menu within the settings. This will be found either under the bike profile or within the sensors section, depending on which model of Garmin you are using. Some Garmins may also have an option for auto-prompt calibration, as well as an option for auto-calibrate (for spider-based and hub-based power meters only). 
  • For information on how to zero reset your Stages Power meter, click here

To log a recent zero reset value, click on your name in the top right corner > My Account > Power and from the Power meters table, find the sensor requiring a zero reset. Click the edit iconon the far right and enter a new value into the Zero Offset field.