The Account – Training page allows you to set preferences related to your availability to train and the type of equipment (bikes) you have. The values you input here will be used when generating training plans.
Key preferences set on this page:
  • My skill level: Your perceived skill level, which will be used in generating training plans so that they are catered to your ability  
  • Equipment: Select the types of bikes you own and workouts will be selected based on available equipment  
  • Session preference: Choose from single session, split session, or no preference.  
    - Single session will only provide one workout per day, which can be performed anytime during the day  
    - Split session will provide some workouts as AM and PM workouts for the same day  
  • Total availability: This is the maximum number of hours you have to train each week. This will be used when building a training plan as a cap to the length of training on any individual week.   
  • Daily availability: This is the maximum duration you can train each day of the week. The sum of all days should be greater than or equal to the total availability for the week.  
    - Occasionally the plan generator will assign workouts that exceed the maximum daily allowance. For these, you may consider shortening the workout or swapping days around in order to best complete your workouts.