The Account: Thresholds/Zones page is where you're able to configure a range of threshold and zone settings in your account. With support for multiple disciplines, thresholds will be set based on the selected sport. To begin setting up your thresholds, first select a spot from the drop down:

Sport Settings 

The sport settings allows you to set the ATL and CTL time constants for load calculations. This is an advanced setting that we do not recommend changing. 

Depending on the sport, you may also choose the preferred calculation for T-score, as well as primary T-score source. I.e. for running, you can choose between running power, pace, or heart rate based T-score calculations as the main source. If you chose heart rate, for example, your activities will default to HR T-score, but you will still get a T-score based on pace if you upload an activity that does not contain heart rate data. 

For sports that do not involve use a threshold, HR based metrics will be used when processing all uploaded activity files. 


Within each sport, separate settings are required to map your training zones. By inputting a threshold for power, heart rate, or pace, a set of zones will be mapped and a target intensity set for each effort contained within all workouts in Stages Link. Note that all Stages Link training plans are based around a 6-zone system, so if you plan to use training plans or workouts from our library, you should retain a 6-zone layout here. To see your zones, click through your power, heart rate, and pace settings (if applicable to the sport) and set your threshold.

Power Settings

For any sport that you use a power meter, you will want to set your power threshold here. You can choose from a standard threshold model or critical power. You may also set your preferred test duration or critical power durations, which will help Stages Link detect a change in threshold when a higher power value is produced in any activity file you upload. I.e. if you keep the default 20m duration and .95 multiplier here, any time your 20 minute power * .95 exceeds your threshold setting, we'll notify you with the option to update your threshold. 

Data Integrity: You can also configure your account to discard or modify values outside an expected range. This setting will help filter out any bad data points or power spikes in your uploaded files, helping preserve your power curve and other power data metrics. You will receive a notice on your ride files to indicate any data filtering, which will help make you aware of any possible errors with your head unit or power meter that could be producing bad data. 

Heat Rate Settings

You can set your threshold and max HR values for the sport here. As with power, you can also set up an option to discard or adjust bad heart rate values from your activity files, such as spikes caused by flapping jackets or other errors. 

Pace Settings

You can set your threshold pace for your sport here. You may also set your preferred test duration, which will help Stages Link detect a change in threshold pace. 

Cadence Settings

Cycling cadence can be set to discard or adjust bad values here, or map cadence values to SmO2 when an SmO2 sensor is being connected to a head unit as a cadence sensor.