After you've installed the Stages Sync desktop application, it's easy to set it up to automatically sync your files. 
  • Launch Stages Sync while your head unit is connected to your computer and it should automatically detect and prompt a request to add it as a device
  • If you do not get a prompt or would like to add another device/directory, select File > Add Device
    - To sync your head unit, plug the device in to your computer before making these selections
    - For a directory on your computer, select "Let me choose a directory"
  • Once you've selected a device or directory, configure the settings by adding a Name, User associated, and selecting No workouts, Heart Rate interval, or Power Interval as your workout settings.
    - If you choose to sync workouts to your Garmin device, your scheduled workouts will be automatically synced into your Garmin's workout directory each time you sync.
    - Optional: Toggle "Manual Upload" to disable automatic syncing of activity files
    - Optional: Set the # of older files to be removed each time you sync. By default, 0 or never delete files will be selected.
  • Once you've made your selections, select "OK" to continue and begin syncing the device. 
  • To change these settings in the future or forget this location, right click the name of the device or directory and select "Edit"