If you have a limited ability of time to train and have set a low amount of availability during the plan generator wizard, it is possible that you may be prescribed workouts whose length is slightly longer than your stated availability.

The generated plans rely on a set total T-score for each week to build your fitness level. To achieve these T-score totals, the generator has to add a combination of intensity and time. Less time means more intensity, but one can only fit so much intensity into each workout and in these cases the time may slightly be extended.

If you are unable to complete the longer session, you can make a few adjustments to get in a similar workout and keep up your progress on your training plan:

  • Drop one interval from the set, or;
  • Slightly reduce the time on each interval to bring down the overall workout duration
  • If this reduces the T-score substantially, consider adding time to another workout as time allows to match up the total T-score for the week. 

If you're unable to make up the workout time, then you may undershoot your goal. This is still OK, as you'll still likely be seeing benefits from the workout. If you do regularly miss your T-score targets, however, you will not be able to ramp up your chronic training load (CTL) at the rate predicted by the plan.