The Stages Link training plan system is able to create training plans for all types of events and flexible time frames. If you're unable to create a plan, please check over some of these common obstacles to see if there is an easy fix. 

The event is already on your calendar

  • When you create a plan for an event, the system will add this event to your calendar in the plan generation process. If the event is already on your calendar, simply navigate to the day of the event and remove it, then begin the plan generation process again. 

You are currently completing another plan

  • If you are currently completing a plan, you are unable to generate a new plan until you're in the last 7 days of your current plan. This is so that the new plan can take into account the results of your current training plan when building the next phase of your training. 

You don't have enough time to complete a plan before the event

  • The minimum length for our generated plans is 6-weeks. We feel that this is the minimum amount of time to create meaningful physiological gains. If you have an event or race that is less than 6 weeks away, you can create a plan based on a specific skill and add your event to the calendar (with the option to include a taper week) within the training plan duration.