An incorrect value in your ride file can cause issues in your ride graph, throwing off the scale for the entire ride, as well as adding a bad data point to your training metric widgets. These bad data points can easily be removed from the ride graph, as well as parameters set to have these removed automatically when each ride is uploaded.

To edit a file, click the edit icon next to the ride graph to make changes to discard, re-scale, or replace values from any one of the data channels included in your ride files, then reprocess the ride. For details on how to use the edit points function, view our article.

Selecting an action for invalid values

Within your account settings, you are able to set a limit for the maximum accepted value and define a rule on what to do with data points outside of this range. These options include discarding the values, adjusting them to a fixed value, adjusting them based on percent, or using the last good value. By setting these rules, you can help avoid bad data points in the future by filtering them out at the time the file is uploaded.

To set a rule in place, go to Account > Thresholds/Zones, select either Power, Heart Rate, or Cadence settings, and select the Data integrity drop-down menu.

  • "Do nothing" will leave values as is
  • "Discard" will discard the value, effectively nulling out this value in the channel stream
  • "Substitute" will replace the value with a specific fixed value
  • "Replace" will replace the last known good value
  • "Scale" will replace the value with a percentage of the value