The activity graph is a line graph of your entire activity with each individual metric illustrated in one place. By default, the graph will display in dual-axis mode with minimal metrics displayed. From here, you can customize the display to add or subtract metrics from view, change colors, create or remove interval laps, edit out data points, etc. In addition to showing detailed metrics about your ride, nearly every aspect of the analysis tab is fully customizable. Use this topic to gain familiarity with the range of features in the activity graph section.

Basic Features of the Graph

  • Zoom in on selection: Drag cursor across desired selection and release cursor, the graph will auto-zoom to your selection. - The selection will show it's own interval data on the interval table below the graph as Selected - To reset the graph, use the reset button next to zoom
  • Hide/show metrics: Click directly on the name of the metric below the graph to hide or show it on the activity graph.
  • Change x-axis: Choose from Time of Day, Elapsed time, or Elapsed distance for the x-axis of your activity graph.

Configure the Graph

Several options are available for customizing the view of the activity graph and can be found by clicking the cog-icon icon.  Graph options will be saved per activity type/sport. 
  • Graph: Toggle general graph options on and off.
  • Channels: Customize channels (such as heart rate, power, etc.) shown on the graph. The channel options here are customized based on each activity type. Choose from a range of settings for each channel:
    - Visible: Hide or show this channel by default in the graph. All available channels can be toggled on and off by clicking the channel name.
    - Inc. zeroes: Include or exclude zeroes in average
    - Rolling avg: By default, all available channels will be shown without any rolling average. To add an option that uses a rolling average, click the icon and input your desired rolling average. Use the 'Visible' column to
    - Type: Graphing method, such as line, scatter, spline, etc.
    - Style: Line style, such as dashed, dotted, etc.
    - Size: The weight of the line.
    - Color:  The color of this channel on the graph. 
  • Flag text: Toggle on items to show in the flag text, customize prefix/abbreviations, and arrange items to your liking.
  • Reference Lines: Add visual reference lines to your graph for any channel, with custom labels and coloring. 

Creating or Editing Intervals

If you weren't able to use the lap timer on your head unit to mark the beginning and end of intervals or need to modify the existing intervals, use these options to create, modify, or add notes to the intervals you performed within a workout.

  • Create an interval: Select a range of the graph using your cursor (drag and release cursor, just like the "zoom" function detailed above"). Once you have the desired range selected, click on the Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.16.07 AM to create an interval. Use the dialog box to set a name, segment type, color, and description or notes for the interval.
  • Add interval notes: Click on the name of the interval to update the name, type, color, or to add notes.

Editing Bad Data Points or Spikes

If there is an error in your activity data or you would like to remove a channel of data from the graph, use the edit icon and select Edit point to make changes.

For more details on how to edit data points, see: Edit points on the activity graph.

Creating a Comparison Graph / Multi-file or Multi-interval graph

Individual users and coaches have the option to compare / overlay multiple intervals across multiple activity files and athletes. This is a great way to compare historical efforts or compare different coached athletes doing the same workouts.
  1. From the activity graph, click the interval drop down in the upper right corner:
  2. Select all intervals you would like to compare (if no intervals exist, you will first need to create them).
  3. Click overlay and compare to redraw your graph.
    - OR - 
  4. To select additional files, click the overlay iconride-overlay-icon.
    - Choose your time period and check the box next to the file you would like to choose, then click Select [#] period/files
  5. Graph will then be redrawn to include the additional activity file.

Splitting a File

If your activity file contains data from multiple activities, you are able to split the file into separate activities based on intervals. Note: This feature is not available for all file types. 

  1. If needed, create intervals for the separate activities using the instructions above. 
  2. Click the edit icon, then select Split file.
  3. Select the interval(s) you would like to make into a new activity.
  4. Update any gear or workout type changes.
  5. Click Split.