Use this guide to help you begin creating custom workouts or make edits to existing workouts on your calendar. Workouts can include structured, interval-type workouts, as well as regular activities that may not have an exact or reoccurring structure that you'd like to save in the library to add to your calendar, such as a group ride or run. 

Creating a new workout

  • From the workouts sidebar, click +ADD TEMPLATE WORKOUT. 
Blue Add template workout located at the bottom of the Workouts library

Once here, continue on to add in the workout description for your new workout as well as add intervals, with definitions provided below for each section. 

Description items

Once you're in the workout editor, the following items will be available to edit or add to a new workout. Note that these options may change based on the sport selected. 

  • Sport: Choose the sport for the workout you are building.
  • Workout: Choose to categorize this workout as training or a threshold test.
  • Name: Title of the workout as it appears on your calendar.
  • Media: Choose from the accompanying media library or your own chosen video that provides additional information on how to perform the workout.
  • Description: Text description of the workout.
  • Equipment: Ideal equipment to use when performing this workout.
  • Terrain: Best places to do this workout.
    - Note: There are generally many options of where an interval could be performed, so consider checking multiple options based on the type of intervals prescribed. For long sustained intervals, for example, rolling terrain or technical mountain bike trail may not be ideal.
  • Goals: What this workout is aimed to increase/improve.
  • Tags: Optional tags to help make the workout visible in the workout search.
  • Priority: Importance of the workout. Choose from Critical, Routine, and Optional.

Structured versus non-structured workouts

From the next button, choose from two options. 

  • If your workout includes time or distance based intervals, select "Create structured workout"
  • If your workout does not include time or distance based intervals, select "Create unstructured workout"

Structured Workouts

Once you've completed the description portion for the new workout, you are ready to add the prescription for the workout. Each workout step will populate within the workout builder and result in an updated estimated time to complete, T-score, and other metrics. 

Use the arrows on the left to rearrange intervals as needed or insert interval sets into a larger main ("outer") interval. The icons on the left allow you to edit, clone, or delete workout steps. 

Note: To use inner and outer intervals, the "inner" interval must contain intervals on both sides, then the arrows will appear to push the interval set inside the main "outer" interval. 

Editing an existing workout

  1. Hover over the workout on the calendar and select edit or click on the workout and select the menu icon, then edit.
  2. Scroll down to the interval section to view intervals and make changes. 

Note: If you plan on completing the workout, but simply need to move the day, workouts can now be moved or copied across to other days by clicking the drag icon and dragging it to a day of your choosing. To remove a workout from the calendar completely simply delete the workout using the trash icon on the calendar page.