Workouts can be quickly and easily deleted from the calendar by simply hitting the pop up trash can next to the particular workout that you wish to delete. Once you have selected the workout you wish to delete by hitting the trash can, a prompt will pop-up on the screen asking you if you are sure you would like to delete the workout.You can choose to cancel the operation or continue with the delete by clicking OK.

Note: There is also an option to not show this box again. Avoid selecting this as by ticking it you will no longer have the ability to delete workouts from your calendar until you restart your browser

Other scenarios:

  • If you complete a ride different than the workout: Remove or move the workout from the calendar day before uploading your ride file. 
  • If you uploaded the ride already and it is associated with a workout that does not match the ride:
    1 - Click on the workout on the calendar screen
    2 - From the ride summary page, click on the Workout tab
    3 - Click on the menu icon  and select the trash can 
    4 - The ride will retain the workout name. To rename the ride, return to the summary tab and select menu again  again to edit the ride