By default, your Stages Link account is set to a 6 zone system, with default zones set up for each sport. Depending on the sport, you may set up power, heart rate, or pace zones. Number of zones and zone ranges can also modified and customized to your preference. 

Cycling Power and Heart Rate Zones

ZoneNameWatts % ThresholdHR % ThresholdEffort LevelRPE
1Recovery< 65%< 64%Easy1-2
2Endurance66 - 80%65 - 84%Moderate3-4
3Tempo81 - 90%85 - 91%Moderate5-6
4Threshold91 - 104%92 - 99%Moderate/Hard7-8
5 VO2105 - 120%100 - 105%Hard9
6Anaerobic> 121% > 106%Maximal10

Custom Zones

To update your zone settings for power and heart rate, click on your name in upper right corner and go to: Account > Thresholds/Zones

  • To add a zone to change your default setting to 7 or 8 zones, click ADD RANGE
  • To update the range, simply change the min and max percentages and hit Save

Note: If you have already began a training plan, modifying the training zone ranges may have an adverse affect on the prescribed zones for your generated training plan, as modifying these zones can change the prescribed heart rate and power to fall outside of that which is intended by the training plan. At this time we do not recommend adding additional zones while using Stages Link generated training plans. For 7-zone workouts, we recommend using the workout builder to create your own or modify existing workouts to align with a 7-zone system.